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Auswelllife Australia Pamosa 60 Capsules


Auswellife Pamosa Capsules for Menopausal and PMS Treatment 


Auswelllife dietary supplement for menopausal is effective to adjust the number or increase the number of female hormones.

The capsules come with the soybean extract, are ideal for those with menstrual pain, vaginal odour, tight and firm breast.

This menopause relief supplement for women helps in eliminating the hazard of uterine and breast cancer.

The capsules can increase the amount of calcium in the body and help those having issues with menopause.

All in all, the capsules for menopause relief are perfect for providing symptomatic relief of PMS and menopause, and to maintain healthy bones. 


  • Helps in adjusting the balance of Estrogen hormones
  • Avoid cell degeneration in the body 
  • Enhance the better function of the blood system 
  • Lessens the cholesterol levels in the blood 
  • Eliminates the formation of acne hormone 

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